Ripe Mango Take Two Press

Ripe Mango Take Two Press is an erotic-themed imprint of Personville Press. Hapax Legomenon (a pseudonym) runs the editorial and creative side of the Existential Smut volumes. He also writes all the content on the website (more or less) and the social media accounts. Hapax Legomenon reads any messages sent through the site’s contact form and approves comments.

The technical side (website issues, ebook design, distribution and financial stuff) is handled by Personville Press. If you need information or help about that, you can contact Robert Nagle. (idiotprogrammer at

Staying Informed

(When will Volume 2 be published? )

For now, the best way to be notified of upcoming releases by Ripe Mango Take Two Press is to sign up for the Personville Press email newsletter. (This newsletter is mostly safe for work and includes mostly news about Personville Press releases, but it will also include Existential Smut announcements).

The site’s meta tag includes coding (name=”rating” content=”adult”) which should allow institutions and search engines to use content filters to protect minors. Generally though the site has no sexually explicit photos or movies. If this website links to a third party site with explicit content, the link will include the label NSFW (or something similar) to let the site visitor know in advance.

Some of the text will occasionally reference or quote sexually explicit content, but this is more the exception than the rule. (You can find the sexually explicit stuff in the #$#$#$$# ebook.).

About Hapax Legomenon

Hapax Legomenon (a pseudonym) edits the Existential Smut series. He lives in the southern part of the USA. He began writing erotic stories after graduate school in the 1990s. He wrote all the stories for Volume 1 and Volume 2. Use the site’s contact form to get in touch.

Current and Future Directions

The primary purpose of Ripe Mango Take Two Press is to publish and promote the Existential Smut erotica anthologies which are edited by Hapax Legomenon. Check the Existential Smut 2 info page for upcoming publications and the Submissions Guidelines for how to submit a story or poem for Volume 3.

But Ripe Mango Take Two Press is also open to other publishing projects (if only in a supporting or promotional capacity). Send your ideas and proposals through the site’s contact form.

At some point the press will endorse certain books, ebooks, movies, podcasts, etc. Stay tuned about that.

About the Site’s Name

“Ripe Mango Take Two” is a reference to a famous, enigmatic and sexually-charged line uttered by actress Terri Hall (and later by Constance Money) in Radley Metzger‘s classic 1976 porn film Opening of Misty Beethoven.