Listen to a Story

From time to time, this site will feature multimedia related to the Existential Smut series. Now on YouTube is a lovely reading of “Yes, I’m Beautiful Too” by Hapax Legomenon. The story was read by Jill Brumer, and it’s about 23 minutes.

What It’s About: A flight attendant disrobes and dreams. An ex-stripper meditates on desire and beauty.

Fun Fact: I wrote this story in 1994 (please appreciate the dated references!) About 15 years later I ended up living next door to a “gentlemen’s club” (and indeed would walk my dog on the sidewalk behind its parking lot). I never went inside, though perhaps I should have done so if only for research purposes. Strangely, I learned that a childhood friend was once the head manager of a major gentlemen’s club in my city (like Phil, one of the story’s characters).

Slideshow photos: I had a bit of fun selecting images to go on the YouTube video. Apparently there is an annual contest Miss Exotic World Pageant which features all kinds of great burlesque dancers. Wikimedia Commons has lots of photographs of performers of neo-burlesque dancers.