Lusty Bibliophile Book Reports

Update: For various reasons I have delayed the date of the first book report to April 2024 (probably at the end of the month).

A month before publication date of Existential Smut 1, I confess to having thought very little about how to promote the damn thing. Complicating everything is my desire to stay behind a pseudonym, making it hard to do interviews, book tours, etc. Starting April, 2024, I will post occasional book reports about erotic fiction. At minimum I think I can commit to posting a book report every 3 months for the next 10 years. These book reports won’t be too analytical or critical, just short breezy reports about sexy books old and new which I have been enjoying.

These book reports will start appearing on my website and social media accounts. I hesitate to promote a series of writings that doesn’t yet exist. But almost 20 years ago (July 14, 2003 to be exact), I did essentially the same thing when I uploaded my first story to the Internet. Stay tuned!

Until that time, you can read my latest posts on social media about books and stuff.

Happy reading … Hapax